Drop Dead Open Up Shop

Since being founded by Bring Me the Horizon vocalist, Oli Sykes in 2005, Sheffield's Drop Dead Clothing has quickly become a leading name in the world of alternative fashion. After moving to new premises on Rutland Way earlier this year, they finally got around to opening a fully-fledged shop here in the Steel City on December 14th. 


Company manager, Caroline McLaren: "Although the location is not town centre, Drop Dead's not really a normal town centre kind of brand."


Until recently Drop Dead has catered mostly for the teenage market, but they're now looking to expand with lines aimed at a slightly older generation and a change in textures and fabrics. 


Coinciding with the Sheffield store opening was the launch of the SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection. Created by Oli, the line is comprised of shirts featuring images from classic 90s SEGA games.



Caroline says: "We've got another really exciting venture coming up next year that we're just producing at the moment. Completely different to everything that we've ever done before, but it's top secret!"


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