Dressing like Aladdin | Arcanorum Clothing

This week, I have mainly been enjoying dressing like a 21st century Aladdin today, courtesy of a new Sheffield brand that has caught the attention of Style City.


I introduce you to Arcanorum Clothing, run by a friend of mine Perry Robbins. With a growing range of monochrome, illustrated t-shirts, picking which one to feature here was a tough choice! Though my heart was swayed by the Monkey Busker (awww), I knew this t-shirt would fit the stripes perfectly.


Founded in 2012, the Arcanorum brand derives from the saying “the mystery of mysteries – the one ultimate secret that is supposed to lie behind all astrology, alchemy, and magic.” Pretty spooky eh?



Striving to deliver artwork that is both provocative and stylish, cameo jewellery has been given a new lease of life with online boutiques lately giving them a modern twist, but this is the first clothing brand I have liked who have transformed the motif into a design I would actually wear.


It’s exciting to hear that in the near future Arcanorum is planning a series of sweatshirts and woollen products as well as casual collared shirts, so if I were you I’d keep your eyes peeled on Arcanorum to be making waves over the next year.


AND, exclusively for Exposed readers – just enter “exposed” at the check out for a cheeky 10% discount off everything!


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