Drenge – Lescar 28th September 2013

By the time you read this, you’ll have done well to avoid hearing anyone mention Drenge.

They were the stand-out booking at the recent Sensoria festival, and could have sold out the back room of the Lescar many times over. I can’t see them ever playing such a small venue anytime soon.  They are set to be a huge musical success, and all this from two brothers from Castleton.

No-one this young has any business sounding so accomplished, although the set up is simple: loud guitar and drums. It’s nothing new. Wet Nuns, Black Keys and a few others have been there before, and they themselves chose a similar duo, Flaming Skulls, to open for them.

They played a very exciting set and I’d have gone home happy just to have seen them, but Drenge were waiting in the wings. On they strode to play their loud blues-based rock, but with a really dynamic feel, with changes in tempo, and songs actually about something.

I started the gig by being impressed with Eoin Loveless playing his guitar and singing, but at the finish it was his younger brother Rory on drums who held my attention the most.

This is rock at its most raw and direct, and was one of the most exciting shows I’ve seen for some time. The sound map of Sheffield has just been re-drawn to include the powerhouse assault on your senses that is the music of Drenge. See them as soon as you can.

Check them out on our recent  Exposed In Session video.

Words: Mark Perkins
Pictures: Marc Barker

Lescar Hotel, Sharrowvale Road.

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