Draft Day – Review


Unlikely to be a huge draw to UK audiences, this sports drama (Costner’s fifth, if you’re keeping score) suffers largely by following two years behind the less soulful – yet more insightful – Moneyball. The story of the Cleveland Browns manager and the drama that befalls him when his team acquires the number one draft pick, it’s obvious Draft Day will be largely inaccessible to an audience largely in the dark about the sport on the whole. 


Nevertheless, Costner is on fine form; his gruff homely appeal as winning as ever but with the added charm he seems to have acquired in his later years. A solid supporting cast bolster proceedings, with Chadwick Boseman whacking another winning performance on an already impressive IMDB resumé.


It’s a solid NFL drama; but in a niche sub-genre this side of the pond, it’s hard to see Draft Day winning over a British multiplex crowd.



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In it
Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Chadwick Boseman

Behind it
Ivan Reitman

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