Don't Look Down!

Channel 4 is in trouble once again. ‘Don’t Look Down’, a documentary about daredevil free climber, James Kingston, has been dubbed as irresponsible after being shown on national telly on Sunday. While most people can barely watch it, let alone give it a go, we had a scout around for those few individuals who just aren't content with staying on the ground.


The programme consisted of fifty palm-sweating, sofa squirming minutes of Kingston climbing 100m cranes and 200m radio towers without any safety equipment. Not one rope. It is thought that the documentary might inspire copycat thrill seekers to go scuttling up tall buildings and structures which, whilst being illegal, is also, quite obviously, extremely dangerous.


Take a look for yourself. This is not for the faint hearted…


While it’s hardly likely to become the next national sport, there are a couple of foolhardy local extreme sports enthusiasts that we have found who can almost give Kingston a run for his money.


Take Dan Arkle, a 35 year old photographer from Sheffield who one night decided to climb Crib Goch, a spur ridge of Mt Snowdon, alone, by torchlight. He welcomed the sunrise at the summit of the mountain completely naked. Arkle’s aim was an artistic statement of the vulnerability of humans in nature.


Another Yorkshire climber is Steve McClure who is a professional in the sport, having climbed all over the world, and established new routes in the UK. He is also known for sleeping on a portaledge on a 1000m wall in Greenland. 


If this isn't quite impressive enough for you, we challenge you to watch just one of these videos the whole way through.


First of all there are the base jumping bikers:


Then there is the scariest job in the world. Skip to 6:35 mins for the biggest heart-stopping moment.


Finally, here are some kids from Russia who like to climb bridges. A little bit more exciting than spending your days glued to an iPad.


Want more? To get your next fix of incredibly brave (or exceptionally stupid) adventurers, then tune into Channel 4 at 9pm on Wednesday 22nd January, or have a look at clips from the latest episode here.

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