Don't Dance 'til the Morning Light

The Basics
‘Hold Your Horses’ is the Polish electro-songstress’ second EP, following on from April’s much acclaimed ‘Wires and Sparks EP’. Hailed as one of Poland’s biggest exports, her sound, honed on her previous four albums, has led to comparisons with other talented Scandinavian acts such as Bjork and Nikki & the Dove, whilst Florence and the Machine has been cited as an influence for this latest offering.
The Verdict
The unexpected use of the church organ on the title track provides the record with a cinematic opening, before giving way to a drum beat that is just begging you to stomp your feet. The understated electro sound subtly manipulates the mood of the song rather than overtly dictates it, whilst Florence-esque “ooohs” occasionally soar, revisiting the drama of the song’s opening.

However, while ‘Hold Your Horses’ was described as subtle, ‘Darling’ is anything but; approaching like a siren brandishing a megaphone and certainly designed to be more explicitly dancey than the opening track, it does however appear to be a little overlong, the initial rush being replaced by predictability after the 3 minute mark. This represents a downward trajectory, unfortunately, with the insipid ‘Revolution Baby’ at times coming across as a flat, electronic rehash of The Cribs’ ‘Be Safe’. Closing track ‘Kiss it Better’ is a slight improvement – the verses rooted in light-hearted pop contagiousness – but is burdened by a clumsy chorus that seems destined to encourage lairy clubbers to densely send their hands skywards.
Overall, ‘Hold Your Horses’ probably has enough about it to get you moving at the start of the night, but one and a half good songs isn’t enough to keep you going until the sun comes up again.
Words by Lewis Parker
‘Hold Your Horses’ is released on September 17th.

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