Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream – Review

The magic of Disney strikes again!


There’s no denying the allure of Disney. The timeless quality of Disney’s characters, songs and stories are as magical to the mind of at least one 30 year old father as they are to the 3 year old daughter. While parents may not be moved in quite the same way by the more “modern” characters of Tangled’s Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, this writer has to admit to a shiver of glee when the dulcet tones of seven dwarves ring out “Hi Ho” in perfect harmony. However, even the most curmudgeonly of adults must still be impressed by the skill of the skaters. The very talented troupe enact impressive solo and group routines alike, with many of them not really dressed in the most aerodynamic of costumes – Flynn Rider’s horse deserves special mention here.


But ultimately this is a show for the kids; and what a show! There’s goodies and baddies, Mickey and Goofy, Princesses and Princes, and an array of brightly coloured characters that make the classic stories come alive to young eyes. A grand finale involving almost every Disney Princess ever conceived (and there are a lot of them) can’t fail to get every little girl dancing and singing and dreaming of one day joining their hallowed ranks, perhaps finding their very own Prince Charming (over their father’s dead body!).


Disney On Ice will return to the Motorpoint Arena for the 23rd consecutive year in November 2014 with its spectacular “100 Years of Magic” show.  Tickets will go on sale Spring 2014.


Words: Ali Bianchi

Motorpoint Arena – Nov 20

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