Dinner Disasters – Tell us your Tales of Woe

*Pulls three course din-dins out oven, wipes hair from eyes coquettishly*

We weren't always domestic godesses here at Exposed. We've had our fair share of meals that didn't exactly go to plan. Our Online Ed's attempt to bake toast and Music Ed's 'curry pasta' spring to mind… But you know the good thing about attempting to cook for your boyf's extended family? Ordering takeout when you accidentally set the trifle on fire!
And that's where Purple Vouchers come in. Their voucher book is full of easy-as-pie solutions to rescue just this kind of situation – like 2-4-1's at KFC, any size Dominos Pizza for £5.99 and over a hundred other offers for retail therapy and leisure as well – as super-quick food. All the proceeds from the credibility-saving £20 book go to supporting fundraising efforts in the region too.  
But before you all scoot over to their website to pick up your copy, hang about and tell us your Dinner Disaster story. It can be funny, silly, heartbreaking or sweet but we've a six month pass for four at funky Centretainment golf adventure Paradise Island plus a meal for two at nearby top restaurant Table Table – all courtesy of Purple Vouchers – for the best! Drop us a line in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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