Delilah – From the Roots Up LP

The Basics
Hello hype machine, it’s been a while. After scoring a surprise top 20 hit earlier in the year with debut single ‘Go’, Delilah’s songs have become a permanent feature on the Radio 1 and 1Xtra airwaves. Refreshingly breaking the mould from the majority of mainstream pop-acts nowadays, many of her debut LP’s tracks were written solely by Delilah herself. Whatever the results, you can expect to see her rocketing towards stardom quicker than someone can scream “NEXT BIG THING! NEXT BIG THING!! NEXT BIG THING!!!”  through your radio’s speakers.
The Verdict
Opening track ‘Never Be Another’ inspires some optimism for the rest of the record, a sultry Delilah pouting her way through lines such as “I can feel your lips running down my neck.” Combined with an engrossing, off-kilter backing track that spirals amorphously around your ears, it’s the musical equivalent of watching an erotic dance through a kaleidoscope.

Alas, any discernible attempts at invention start and end there. Although some semblance of believable passion is mustered on the mildly atmospheric ‘Only You’, the rest of the album is simply a case of dawdling ballad meandering into dawdling ballad. The biggest disappointment comes on ‘Shades of Grey’, if only because the lyrics have nothing to do with doing unspeakable things with a middle aged man with childhood issues. Rather, it just signals the start of a bit of a snooze-fest. At least while you’re sat futilely waiting for recent single ‘Inside My Love’ to burst into life, you can enjoy an immature chuckle when she sings “will you come inside me?”
So, that’s Delilah, the shot in the arm our beleaguered pop-scene has been waiting for. I give her a year.
Words by Lewis Parker

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