Death Rays of Ardilla play Japanese Cinema

Live film scores – as you’ll know if you’ve read my previous blog posts – are a bit of a passion with me. And tonight’s Sensoria highlight  was one of the most seamless I’ve ever seen/heard…
Originally released in 1964, the movie itself was a bit special, and deserves to be more widely know (perhaps it is, maybe it’s just me who hasn’t heard of it). Onibaba is an intense, claustrophobic drama, set in the grasslands around 14th century Kyoto. Samurai warriors who stray into the swamp land are preyed upon and killed by the wife and the mother of a soldier who is away fighting. Here's a trailer. 

They sell his valuable armour, but this little ‘cottage industry’ is threatened when one of the soldier’s colleagues turns up, announces that their loved one will not be coming back, a proves a source of sexual temptation to the newly widowed wife. This incredibly powerful drama was made even more intense by the addition of a soundtrack by Death Rays of Ardilla, who are really a showcase for the multi-instrumental talents of Mike Ward, who plays a variety of wind and percussion instruments to great effect. Fabulous entertainment, and yet another feather in the already well decorated cap of the Sensoria team.

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