Dear John

 John Hegley brings his poetic and musical comedy to Sheffield after a great reception at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Hegley will be at Sheffield Studio Theatres on January 14 and 15. His material includes the Adventures of Monsieur Robinet, which tells the story of the unusual habits of a Frenchman and other stories which involve aliens and transport and impressions using a handkerchief.
Animal Alphaboat, one of John’s other performances involves him reading poetry and dancing in a unique and humorous way that will get kids and adults bursting out laughing. 
He is already a favourite with Edinburgh Fringe goers and is known for including content about the hair of dogs and the misery of human existence.
Before John hit the stage, you could see him busking on the streets of Hull and London, fronting the Popticans in the Eighties particularly. They even recorded two sessions for John Peel.
Tickets for The Adventures of Monsieur Robinet range from £10 to £12 whilst Animal Alphaboat tickets are £8 to £11. Head to for more.

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