Dead Sons – Boom Boom EP

The Basics.
A Sheffield indie five-piece that lists the marimbas and the glockenspiel amongst their repertoire of musical talents, as well as throwing a couple of ex-Milburn members into the mix for good measure.
The Verdict.
Opener ‘Shotgun Women’ is as good a track as you’ll hear all year. “You’ll be Frankenstein, I’ll be Halloween”, snarls lead singer Thomas Rowley, over psychedelic keys and drums about as subtle as a size ten to the face. The slow burning ska riff of ‘You’re not as smooth as me’ is the sound of being followed home at one in the morning. “Lord have mercy on my soul” pleads Rowley. You find yourself pleading for him too.
Ballsy rocker ‘Bangonfullturn’ is carried by drumming that sounds like freight train hurtling past your window, whilst the band subscribe to the notion that it’s always a good idea to end on a sultry ballad with an explosive finish (‘Better than being alone’). The jagged guitars and Rowley’s Turner-esque vocals inevitably lead to comparisons with another, moderately well known band from ‘round these parts, but Dead Sons demonstrate enough talent here to suggest that they too will soon become a rather big deal.


Words by Lewis Parker

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