Day 2 – Another Chance to Win An IPad

We have an IPAD3 up for grabs, plus £25 worth of Amazon Vouchers!
It's Day Two of our our takeover by Student Accommadation specialists The Pinnacles and Dave the Bug has moved to a new spot in the The Pinnacles website. All you have to do is unravel these clues to find out which page he's located on and you could win £25 worth of Amazon vouchers and even an iPad 3! Each day, one lucky blighter wins £25 worth of vouchers and at the end of the week, one of you will stroll away with a brand spanking new iPad.
So follow the clues below and once you'v e got your answer, either email or enter HERE.
Congrats to yesterday's winner, Jonathan Lloyd, who walks away with £25 worth of Amazon vouchers. Tidy.
The Clues
One of Dave’s biggest concerns is finding new room mates: he wants savvy people like himself to Apply for a room at The Pinnacles. Being the perfect house pal, he’s given us a few basic parameters on good roomie etiquette and the best way to make friends when you move in to a new pad.
– Clean up your cereal dishes. There is nothing worse than trying to wash off dried-on cornflakes.
– Keep the tea bag pot full up. As Dave will attest, if you become the ‘tea maker’ of the flat, you’re automatically the most popular person.
– Don’t cut your toenails in the shared living area. It’s gross, duh!
– NOISE CONTROL. Shouting not necessary. Ever.
– Share your food. When hangovers kick in and you’re offering out snacks, the friends will come a-running.
Easy peasy. Follow these simple tips and you’ll reign supreme amongst your room mates.
Today, Dave is trying to get pals to Apply at The Pinnacles. Can you find the right section?
Email or enter HERE.


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