David Lynch: Good Day

The Basics
Yes, it is that David Lynch.  The avant-garde film director, the one behind Twin Peaks, Mullholland Drive and all that, and now he’s made a CD single.  It’s not the first time he has ventured into the musical frame. 
He regularly writes with Angelo Badalamenti for his films,  and more recently has collaborated with Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse.  This though is his first electronic project, and is released on Rob da Banks’ independent Sunday Best label.
The Verdict
Predictably unpredictable, Lynch has certainly thrown a curve ball to anyone thinking they might be able to guess how this will sound.  Good Day is a electronic dance groove the like of which Underworld or The Chemical Bothers would proud, whereas I Know is much more recognisable, using David Lynch’s voice, stretched over a slow, menacing, almost aggressive sound, much more cinematic in its richness and subtlety. 
Two interesting tracks, which make me want to hear more.

Mark Perkins   


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