Darkstorm: Gateway Shuffle

Darkstorm is a Sheffield based producer and DJ who makes hip-hop with a strong bass influence.
Taking his lead from MF Doom, Madlib and RZA/Wu Tang Clan, this is his first album release, and you are more than likely to see him Dj-ing in the Harley or the Mojo Sheffield. The vocals are provided by a variety of talented rappers, including Trellington, Shiftee Moova and Lax Luther.
An impressive start, released on Sheffield's own Bad Taste Records, although this is unlikely to make him his first million, as it's available free to download from his MySpace website. There are some strong lyrics here, as you might expect from this genre of music. Darkstorm himself puts together a dazzling mix of sounds and rhythms as his friends let us know just what they think such things as reality game shows and city life in the 21st century.
Standout tracks you might want to download are 'Sink or Swim' and 'Wish List'.
Mark Perkins


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