Dam House returns to Crookes

Rising from the ashes, like the proverbial Steel City Phoenix- Crookes' favourite pub is back!
It opens on March 9th, and new manager James Travis has clearly set out his intent to shift the focus of the pub to a new, studenty feel, which should feel right at home in the heart of Sheffield University's turf. Boasting free WiFi, Sky Sports, ESPN, PS3 and xBox- they shouldn't go too far wrong.
"It won't be too upmarket," said James, who's promised a cheaper experience then at the previous Dam House, "we're going to be aiming more at students". He's also orchastrating a FIFA tournament to take place on March 22nd- £5 students (£6 if you don't have that privilege), winner takes £100 cash! Think you have the skillz to pay the billz? Get in contact with James on 07702 312356 or find them on Twitter for further information.

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