Cracked Actors Review

Exposed checked out Black Box Production's Crack Actors show at Queens Social Club.


Tonight's tribute band and singers may be playing the music of David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Kate Bush and Lou Reed, but this is far from a desperate attempt to recreate these '70s and '80s icons. Sheffield's Black Box Productions provide theatrics with professional dancers giving inspired interpretations of the songs in a range of styles and costumes.


Rob Benson looks the part of Marc Bolan, with his curly hair and psychedelic, patterned trousers. As '20th Century Boy' buzzes through the room, female dancers in glam rock outfits energetically rush to the stage. Paris Phipps captures Lou Reed's vocals and moody look in leather jacket and shades, singing 'Vicious' and 'Perfect Day' with emotional acting from Eve Armitage as a doll and Jennie Swift as a clown. Marilyn Miller is the perfect Kate Bush. Wind blows through her hair as she sings a heart-felt 'Wuthering Heights' and belly dancer, Lou Bryant twirls an impressive whirlwind of pink wings around the stage for 'Cloudbusting'. Last is Benson as David Bowie singing 'Life On Mars' in the star's familiar London twang and 'Let's Dance' with captivating acrobatics from Lorian Biet and Jennie Swift. Tonight has been a feast for the eyes and ears. 


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Words: Phoebe Seymour

Image: Heather Isobel

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