COW's Club Tropicana (Milk is Free)

It’s been a little quiet on the Exposed Style City front lately, but that’s not to say we haven’t been busy scouting the best fashion Sheffield has to offer!


Keep your eyes peeled for the next Exposed magazine where there will be a dedicated page for local street style. If I asked to take your photograph and embarrass you in front of your friends – this is for you.




Last week was the COW Tropicana lock-in. Sheffield is a hub for vintage shops and COW is arguably the brightest of the bunch!


Amid the tiki bar and the 80s set list we caught a glimpse of this season’s reworked pieces – many of which are on sale on these themed nights, so keep your eyes peeled for future ones! Pastel florals were in heavy supply, as were cropped tie dye shirts and Caribbean prints.



If we ever do see signs of summer and sunshine, this will be the way to wear it. Clashing prints and loose layers will be the way to go, pineapple and rum cocktails optional. 


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