Copius Talent

Local rapper and producer Mike Curran – aka Copius – has decided to give us a bit of a pre-Christmas treat – in the form of his debut album.
The best part is, he’s giving it away for absolutely nothing! According to the man himself, Blind Man’s Maze is a concept album rooted in analysis of the human condition, saying: “It’s about the deepness of us and our trials and tribulations’.
Blind Man’s Maze is a triumph for hard work as well as musical proficiency, having been produced and mastered wholly by Curran in his ever-expanding home studio. Containing collaborations with Brainstorm and Nev, the album’s content consists mainly of laid-back beats, with ‘Say Wot’ a particular highlight. But you don’t need us to tell you what Blind Man’s Maze sounds like – it’s free, so take the chance to do something productive with your time and make your own mind up.
Download Blind Man's Maze

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