Cook an authentic Italian Risotto with Nonnas' Tales from The Cucina!

*Kisses reader on both cheeks, gets excited about football, wobbles off on a bicycle munching pizza*


We’ve certainly noticed the difference from spending a bit more time in Sheffield’s Little Italy Nonnas on Ecclesall Road…


It’s all making the prospect of Dairylea on toast for dinner feel a bit wrong, so we’re delighted that Nonnas numero uno (and proper da Vinci of the kitchen) Gian Bohan has come to the rescue with a brand new Youtube series of super simple but utterly authentic recipes just for us.


Gian will be covering everything from a sizzling Florentine Steak to a guide to wine matching over the next few weeks but first off we’ve a real treat – a full of flavour Mushroom risotto that demystifies one of Italy’s most revered dishes in fifteen minutes! Plus a really neat variation with walnut and gorgonzola. Bello!




Serves four


300g wild mushrooms (chanterelles, porcini, shiitake, morels whatever’s in season)

Olive oil

50g of butter (and 20g to add at the end)

An onion, finely chopped (watch the video for Gian’s tip on easy sliced onions)

350 g of rice (carnaroli or arborio if possible)

150 ml white wine

1 litre of vegetable stock or beef or chicken stock

50gr of grated parmigiano cheese

Heat the butter in a pan on medium temp until it’s foaming. Add the mushrooms and pan fry them for five minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste, then set aside.

In another pan melt the butter, with a drop of oil (to prevent the butter from burning), add the finely chopped onion and sauté until see-through. Watch your heat here – the idea is to get the onions so they’re translucent but not colouring.


Add the rice and toast on the hob for a minute or so, keeping it stirred. When the rice is beginning to crackle and sizzle, pour in the wine – a good glassful. Give another good stir for another minute or so – a good risotto needs your attention!

Time to begin adding your stock. Take a ladle full of the hot broth and add to the rice, stirring well to mix the stock with the rice. Let the rice absorb the liquid, continuing to stir over a medium-high heat, repeating each time the mixture begins to dry for about 15 minutes. The rice should be swollen and softened by this point.


Mix your wild mushrooms into the rice and cook together for a final few minutes then take off the hob and flavour further with the grated Parmigiano, a good sprinkle of pepper and a small nob of butter. Test for seasoning and serve with the rest of the wine.




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