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  1. Sarah jones

    Hello I was at Hallm Fm summertime live with one of the bands and wish to contact your photographer from the event,she gave me her email but have misplaced it.Hope you can help.

    Sarah Jones.

  2. Jamie


    I am doing some research for a book on Sheffield pubs and I wondered if you could send me a link or a list of previous winners of the Exposed award for best traditional pub & best new bar?



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  3. susanne skelton

    Hi I am opening a new boutique and gift shop on abbeydale road.. we specialise in selling pre loved clothing , vintage and handmade gifts I am looking at doing a launch evening with prosecco and a free prize draw and I am looking for press to cover the story.
    I have set up this business myself with the help of enterprise allowance and the job centre.
    If you could let me know how I can get the right press coverage that would be great thank you

    Kind Regards
    Susanne Skelton

  4. Stuart Crump

    Hi, I have a few photographs and a 200 word article to go with them of Millie Middleton, a 13 year old schoolgirl from Sheffield she sings plays guitar and has wrote her own song, saw her sing at the Toolmakers Brewery just off Rutland Road on Saturday night she is bril and has a great career in front of her would you be interested in putting the article in you magazine.


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