Comedy Tonight with Backstage:UK

We love presents! And Sheffield comic CK Goldiing joining up with filmmaker Stu Turner to record a new online entertainment/chat show set in our fair city is quite the gift…
Bringing together a frankly awesome collection of comedians including Paul Sinha and Arthur Smith, ‘Backstage:UK’ is born, raised and filmed in Sheffield and features Exposed hero CK and co-host Victoria Wood from Corporation’s Corp TV chatting to celebrity types whenever their diaries bring them to the steel city.
So how did they manage to get such an awesome line up together for their first show (which you can watch below)? “Luck, good fortune and a few emails,” Explains Goldiing when we squeeze him for info. “All three guests were at Sheffield United Football Ground, performing at Giggle Aid, the Red Cross’ annual fundraiser. I asked the organiser if I could film a TV pilot there, and he said “yes”.  No inducements, bribes or cash… just yes!”

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