Clubs & Spades @ The Plug – 14th December

You’re not alone in feeling somewhat dubious when you hear the words ‘UK Hip Hop’. It’s an American thing, yeah? Hip Hop to the Americans is like Dub to us lot…But I kid you not; – these guys give any upcoming US collective a serious run for their money.


Composed of MC's, 'Matic Mouth' and 'Shinobi', along with producers 'Andy Nicholson' and 'Manakin'; in their own words the group formed with the aim of making ‘fresh, innovative and inspiring music’.


Contributing to a string of production credits, producer Nicholson has remixed and co-produced the likes of Toddla T and Slick Don, along with Manakin, who up until recently has been the in-house producer for Sheffield based groups M3 and A.O.K.


On the night, the band played a brilliant set, composed of tracks from their debut album ‘Stand Up’. With additional support from PIPES (Kabal / Bunga Bunga) this was a night with the music at its forefront.


The music felt natural and effortless in its execution; the band’s steely, urban sound lending itself to the intimate crowd at Club 60.


Lyrically witty; they could not have flowed more freely – The addition of live instruments only strengthened this. A certain jazz influence ran throughout their music; my only reservation, whishing it was slightly more prominent.

Saying that, I personally can’t wait to hear more from these guys.


Words: Ebony Nembhard


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