Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings are a pop band from Cleveland, Ohio.
The basics
Cloud Nothings started late in 2009 when 18-year old Dylan Baldi from Cleveland, USA became something of an internet sensation after he put his home recordings on-line.  A year later and he has been so successful he now has a full band backing him, and has recorded an album of suitably lo-fi, high energy indie pop songs.  He has toured the US and Canada on the strength of them, and arrives in the UK in February.  If evidence were needed of the power of the net, this is it.
The verdict
These tracks are as exciting as you could ever want and more.  Unsophisticated and passionate, they leap from your speakers and have a full-tilt energy which is hard to ignore.  There are no classic rock anthems or incisive lyrics here, just evidence of a passion for playing live music, and the hope that anyone listening gets drawn in to Dylan’s world.  Let us hope his star continues to shine, as it has certainly shone brilliantly thus far.
Mark Perkins


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