Clock Opera @ The Harley 14th November

Bright Light Bright Light were playing their second song tonight when disaster struck…  
Drumkit collapse? Guitar string broke? No, none of these. It was the most modern of all possible disasters.  I’ve seen gigs halted because the guitarist has fallen off stage, but when Bright Light Bright Light lead singer Rod Thomas was jumping around during the band's electric set at The Harley he accidentally knocked the laptop fell off the stage.  Their music falls (quite literally as it turned out) into the synth-pop/disco/electronic bag, and great fun it was too.  Rod has made a name for himself in the past as a remixer/DJ, but tonight he showcased his own songs and well received they certainly were (apologies, I went all Yoda there). 
Clock Opera were last seen in these environs on the main stage at Tramlines, and I made a mental note back then to see them again as soon as possible, hopefully playing to a more attentive crowd.  In July the half the audience seemed to be on their mobiles, but tonight the band were much more at home with a smaller but more appreciative crowd.  I urge you to check out their album, ‘Ways to Forget’ from earlier this year.  They play a sort of Associates meet Everything Everything, layered brand of intense pop music.  ‘Man Made’ was their second song tonight and really summed up their juddery, staccato style; all keyboards and falsetto vocals.  I remember it as a highlight of their Tramlines set and it was similarly brilliant tonight.  They played most of the album’s best tracks and all too soon they were gone, but hadn’t played their big hit ‘Once and For All’.  They made the mistake of letting the light in on the magic and admitting they were prepared to play an encore.  Now you have to play the game lads; you don’t tell us you’re coming back, and we shout for more.  If you tell us you’re coming back we’ll just chat and go to the bar until you do.  It’s a game audience and band has to play.  As it was, no-one shouted for more, and sheepishly one of the band popped his head round the curtain, and asked if we wanted another one.  Hilarious, truly hilarious. 

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