A Christmas catch-up with SHEAFS

2017 has been a bloody big’un for Sheffield-based quintet SHEAFS. Since filming a session with Exposed back in February, the remainder has whizzed by in a blur of raucous live shows and a couple of exciting releases which have seem them tipped as ones to keep an eye on next year.

We caught up with the lads for a festive natter, after Exposed snapper Lewis Evans spent a frosty afternoon with them out in the Peaks.

Eh up gents, how are we all?
All good, thank you very much.

We last spoke in February for your In Session, but what’s been happening since then?
Our hair’s grown a fair bit, and we’ve had a pretty exciting summer. We had the chance to play a lot of festivals such as Isle of Wight, Reading, YNot and a few others. Basically, we’ve been playing all around the country and then just trying to write as much as we can.

‘This is not a protest’ was a real banger, and it’s been going off at your live shows. Any new singles on the horizon?
Yeah, we’ve had a good reception from ‘This Is Not a Protest’. All summer it’s been the track that’s closed our set, and it does seem to go down really well at our live shows. It’s due for official release on the 24th November, by the way. Oh, and we’ve literally just recorded our next single which will hopefully be out early next year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Speaking of live shows, some of the shots from your latest ones look crackers. What’s the maddest thing that’s happened at a gig so far?
Well, we’ve got Lewis Evans to thank for getting those shots. Probably Party In The Pines festival this year, it was all a bit static when we were playing, so we decided to get everyone on stage for our last song, resulting in the stage nearly breaking and us being exiled out of the festival.

What are the key ingredients for a banging gig?
Buckfast, lots of Buckfast, which hopefully results in a lot of movement.

You’re about to head back out on tour again. How’s it all gone so far this year? Any shows stick out in particular?
Yeah, we’ve got a few more gigs lined up now before the end of the year. It’s been a great year for us with all the festivals and gigs we’ve done up and down the country. Y Not was a personal highlight for us all; after we’d finished playing our set on The Allotment stage we got asked to go and fill in for Nadia Rose on the Quarry Stage and ended up playing to 2000-ish people. Very surreal moment. Festivals aside, it’s just been great to play new cities that we’ve never been to before. Southampton was a good laugh; that was on our first tour and the furthest we’d ever gone for a gig at that time. You can’t beat a good hometown Sheffield show though.

Scotland’s on the list for November, but how do you think the Scotch audience are going to respond to you boys?
Hopefully well. We know there’s a big scene up there and fingers crossed our music goes down well up there. Some of us went to T in The Park a few years ago, and they go mental for live music.

Sum 2017 up in a word.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s nearly Christmas.
Aye, we have actually.

Gu on then, favourite cheesy Christmas song?
‘Last Christmas’ by The Wham (Slaves smashed their cover of that)

Worst present you’ve bought for somebody?
Does no present count?

If you could name a reindeer, what would it be called?

Let’s test your festive knowledge. Banter responses are welcome…
– How does Santa go back up the chimney to carry on delivering presents? Jumps it.
– What are the names of the three wise men? Ross Kemp, David Attenborough & Liam Gallagher.
– In the song, ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus’, what did mommy do to Santa Claus? Not really too sure.

Finally, how’s 2018 shaping up for SHEAFS? Any resolutions?
We’ve just announced our debut headline tour for Feb/March, so we’re looking forward to that. Other than that, hopefully just keep pushing on; playing gigs and writing new music – the usual stuff!


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