Chris Devotion & The Expectations – Break Out

Review of Chris Devotion & The Expectations new album, Break Out.


Many believe guitar music is on the out, but if Glasgow rockers Chris Devotion & the Expectations’ new album Break Out is anything to go by, it’s not going out without a fight. 



Reminiscent in parts of 1970s punk legends Ramones, Break Out captures that raw and gritty sound many bands have prided themselves on over the years.

Getting the formula spot on, Break Out packs a punch of hefty riffs that’re courageously held apart by catchy choruses and the occasional acoustic mellowing.

The album itself does lack variety at times, with creativity seemingly in short supply towards the later stages of the 11 track LP.

It isn’t an album that will turn many heads; however it goes to prove guitar music still has some spirit left in it.  



Lewis Mottram

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