Chef-field Cook-Off

The City Hall is planning a battle for the budding cooks of Sheffield…
It can take years to get your head around the rudiments of the kitchen. Basic utensils become inexplicable art objects; Pot Noodles can bring on sweats the likes of which haven't been seen since that weekend in Skegvegas. If you aren’t culinarily handicapped though, the City Hall is staging a competition to find foodie bright-sparks and prove your skills under Andrew Ward, Head Chef. There's the chance to gain valuable experience as a professional chef and it will be hot in the kitchen with one hour to prepare a dish. Competition is bound to be tough, with the winner of the cook-off finding a place at the final at the Sheffield Food Festival and gaining a place on the City Hall’s VIP menu. Not too shabby! All you have to is pick your dish and submit it on the competition website.
If you’re deft with an egg and brill with a grill (oh dear…), click here and fill in the online form. Entries are taken up to August 31st so there's no time to dawdle and good luck.

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