Cheap As Chips

They say, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure – at least, that’s the look being sported for Ladies Day at Owlerton Greyhound Stadium on July 5th.
It’s the only one in the UK to hold an event where cheap is chic. According to some super scientific research, gals spend an average of £1,000 on clothes for the races, but, an outfit at a charity shop can be put together for as little as £25.
This year’s day is in aid of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, and to prepare for this vast influx of thrifty shoppers, the Crookes branch is filling up its rails.
The judge of Owlerton’s best dressed 2010, Bethanie Lunn, firmly believes this coveted award could go to a charity shop find.
She said by shopping in charity shops you can bag a bargain, give something a new lease of life, help the environment and raise money for a good cause.
Catherine Rhone, senior fundraiser at the hospital, said you won’t be able to tell whose dresses are designer, high street or from charity shops.
If you think you can spot the difference, or you just want to show off your treasures, then head down July 5. Book tickets on 0114 234 3074.
Pictured: Pat Spiers, the Lady Cutler and Rachel Thorpe, the Director at Weston Park Hospital.

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