Chapel Walk This Way for Indie Boutiques

Sheffield’s historical city centre walkway is undergoing an innovative new makeover to showcase some of the region’s most exciting new retail projects.
Sheffield City Council is working to create more than 25 ‘pop up’ businesses on Chapel Walk after the City Centre received a £100,000 grant from The Department for Communities and Local Government.
The project is designed to reinvigorate the cities retail sector by utilising empty properties and offering flexible, low cost spaces. The scheme will additionally help boost the local economy and offer valuable apprenticeships to young people.
Down at Exposed we love a bit of local and can’t wait to get our mitts on some ‘one off’ Christmas gifts by enterprising Sheffield retailers. The goods to be showcased are still under wraps but we’re predicting some damn fine Yorkshire produce by up and coming talent.
For more information about the project, drop them a line here.

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