Changing Times

Eight artists will be exploring Sheffield's industrial heritage with a three day exhibition at The Riverside from tonight.
‘Changing Faces’ is an exploration of dereliction, destruction and regeneration, showing September 29 – 30 and October 1.

AG Smith presents a new triptych from his ‘Valley’ series, focused on form and the interplay between nature and industrial architecture, while Hedley Bishop, Jim Lambert and Mark Wallis (Pictures of Sheffield Old and New) capture forgotten objects – as torn out page 3 girls gaze out from the walls of an abandoned warehouse and disused keys litter the floor.
Berris Conolly presents a series of provocative duotone images documenting some of Sheffield’s many re-developments and three other familiar illustrators will also pay homage to a much lamented icon of industry.
The opening reception takes place this evening from 7-11pm. Head to for more.   He H

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