Central Perk – Beer Shop Opening in the New Moor Market


Of all the shops to catch our eye in the new Moor Market, it happened to be the one selling beer.


The brand new shop, Beer Central, will be selling up to 400 different beers from across the UK and beyond. This includes the likes of Kernel, Magic Rock, Brewdog and Thornbridge breweries along with those from Italy, the USA and Belgium.


The shop, opening on November 18 along with the rest of the market, will be packed with bottled beers, 5L mini-casks, beer guides, glassware and clothing. Well worth stopping by – as you won’t find the majority of these beers in your local supermarket.

You’ll find the shop located in the main entrance, open from 8.30am – 5.30pm. 


Check out their Facebook page for more information! 


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