Cat’s Eyes: Cat’s Eyes

The Basics
Rachel Zeffira is a Canadian classical opera soprano and multi-instrumentalist; Faris Badwan is the lead singer with psychedelic rock group The Horrors. Because no one actually told them not to, after becoming friends a couple of years ago, they wrote some songs while no-one was looking and have now released an album.
Their resulting collaboration, made under the name of Cat's Eyes, is a classic example of ‘it shouldn’t work but it does’.
The Verdict
Quite astonishing. As you might expect, it sounds quite unlike anything else. I was put in mind of the first Goldfrapp album, not so much for the sound as much as the freshness and uniqueness of it all. They describe their song-writing as trying to create 'teenage symphonies' inspired by the likes of Phil Spektor, Joe Meek and Scott Walker.
The instruments and voices are manipulated through pedals and effects to create a strange but compelling bed of sound while their simple, romantic lyrics evoke their love of 1960's girl groups. If you thought you'd heard it all, this is a thrilling slice of fresh music to re-awaken your jaded ears. Faris summarizes: 'We think that people can connect with the songs regardless of the kind of musical background they have. We wanted to present a world for people to make their own connections.'
Try to hear the tracks 'Best Person I Know', and the final piece “I Knew It Was Over' as example of where their two worlds collide and create works of real beauty.
Mark Perkins


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