It's fair to say that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has had an unusual year. Among legal wranglings and question marks over the level of privacy afforded by the site, Fincher's The Social Network painted a less than complementary picture of his rise to fortune.
Now we have Catfish, an exemplary documentary following Nev Schulman and his online relationship with child art prodigy Abby and his romance with her sister.
From the start, Catfish is utterly absorbing. Inevitably, with a documentary that seems a perfect allegory of many people's fears about online communities, there have been many questions over it's reliability. Is it a faithful telling of events? Is it fake? Does it matter?
Selling on the tagline "Don't let anyone tell you what it is" makes Catfish difficult to review. To give away the midpoint reveal would ruin it. Providing tension and drama to rival the best of thrillers, as well as a disturbing and emotional conclusion, not only make this sharp and classy viewing, but the issues raised also make it incredibly important.
Ali Bianchi

In it
Nev Schulman (himself), Megan Faccio (herself), Melody C. Roscher and Ariel Schulman

Behind it
Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman


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