Catch the Eagles Live at the Manchester Stadium

It’s been such a long time and we still can’t get over the Hotel California. One of the Eagles’ best selling albums, it won millions of hearts across the globe. And now they are back to rock us all again on a world tour with Manchester as a stop.

So, if you are a music fan and want to be a part of this legend of a concert, don’t let it slip. The FOMO’s gonna be a great one for this…

Everything we know about the Eagles 26/6 concert at the Manchester Stadium!
The current lineup of Eagles includes Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit, with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey. This is the same group that toured for their last concert in 2015 and before anybody says anything, we are hyped up for this.

Apart from this one day in Manchester, the Eagles are going to have a total of six dates in the entire UK and one in Dublin. A total joyride for fans living in those locations.

In Manchester the date is June 26, 2019. And if you aren’t aware, the tickets are already on sale. Your best bet? Grab one before the show is sold out Also, there are a number of ways which you can enjoy them Live. No, I’m not talking about television. What you can do is, instead of getting a normal ticket, based on your budget, you can book yourself and your friends for a luxurious musical experience. The stadium now offers VIP Seating for gigs so you can enjoy your meal, drinks and music, all at the same time.

So, whether you have clients or corporate guests to entertain, this is your best bet. Just get in touch with a musical gig hospitality agency and they’ll set you a sweet deal.

When and where does the tour end?
The six time grammy winners, Eagles are already touring and are currently in New Zealand. Moving forward they’d tour across Australia, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, UK and Ireland. This is going to be one of the longest tours of Eagles as they’d be touring for almost six months. Commencing on 26th February in Auckland, the tour is to end on 8th July in Dublin, Ireland.

While Eagles is one of the oldest still touring rock bands, their charm has never faded. Every fan on the planet wants to catch them live and not every fan can get to do that. As you have a chance, bagging on it would be a great idea. 

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