With the recent announcement that beloved shooter DOOM is getting a reboot, I look at Brutal DOOM, a unique mod that’s ever-changing the face of the original game engine.

Although it was released in 1993, DOOM is still massive in the mod community, and perhaps its most famous creation is Brutal DOOM. Essentially, the mod expands on the original game and adds some very unique twists. Examples include a massive increase in blood, gore, explosions, and new weapons including the grenade launcher and hand grenades, to name just a few.


Absolute carnage can completely fill a room in a matter of seconds.

Even though ‘Nightmare’ mode is already tough as nails, Brutal DOOM adds even more skill levels, making for extremely difficult gameplay for those who enjoy an intense challenge. Changes to existing weapons are very impressive, for example the iconic BFG 9000, otherwise known as the Big F*****g Gun 9000, provides an even more devastating effect that’s able to wipe out entire hordes of enemies with a single blast.

It was already powerful the first time around, but the mod allows for one hundred times more damage. The double barrel shotgun actually knocks you back as you shoot, making for a nice little effect, whilst showing just how much punch it can pack. You are now able to kick monsters in the face much like the ‘mighty boot’ in Duke Nukem 64 – a nod to the game, maybe.


A well placed Shotgun blast will obliterate enemies, resulting in a visible display of blood and guts.

Visuals have been improved, mainly the fireball and lighting effects as well as blood particles, which shower pretty much every room you enter as everything is over the top, and it works very well with a game such as DOOM. You won’t be disappointed with this mod, it’s compatible with DOOM right through to Final DOOM, and best of all – it’s completely free.

Rating: 8/10

Available On: Windows PC / Mac

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