Brother: New Years Day

The Basics
The revival of guitar music? It was the Vaccines at first and now it’s Brother, but in the vein of Oasis. Ever since January 1st, 2000, every Tom Clarke, Dick and Harry donned the parkas, tracksuit tops and floppy hair cuts in an attempt to resuscitate the dying gasp of the era from its cold Mancunian grave. Therein lies a possible problem for Brother. Merely imitating something is pointless. So what’s stopping the Slough foursome falling faster than Bez’s bank balance?
The Verdict
At a recent gig the band confidently proclaimed: “If you don’t want to see the future of music, you can leave now!” Woah boys, don’t get ahead of yourselves. If this is the future of music, then imagine Blur moving into a council estate as they scream with the same eccentricity featured on ‘Boys and Girls,’ eyeing up the annoyed neighbours through the doors peephole as the Stone Roses ‘Love Spreads’ is played as if it were on speed. A little revivalism never hurt anyone but future of music? We’ll stand towards the slightly ajar door for now.
Alex Yau

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