Bromheads Unveil Kerosene Video

Bromheads have made an explosive return to the scene with ‘Kerosene’ – their latest EP. It’s heavy, hard-hitting & wonderfully grungy.


Providing a stark contrast from their early days of making easy-going indie ballads, this record is loud, angry and raw. The title track, ‘Kerosene’, is a stomping tune  –  well accompanied by some delightfully heavy riffs and impassioned vocals, which combine well to invoke the themes of indignation and resentment which run throughout the EP and it’s subject matter.


Tez Palmer, who previously worked as a special effects technician for the Game of Thrones series, directed the video; he creates a fiery, destructive scene that actually wouldn’t feel out of place in the midst of a big ol’ scrap at Westeros. It’s also worth adding that, if you’ve not quite got your specs on, you could be forgiven for mistaking Tim Hampton for Dave Grohl at times – which, of course, is a huge compliment to the sound and feel of the track…and his hair, I suppose.



The full EP continues with the ‘big’ sound that Bromheads have manufactured and, frankly, it suits them to a tee. The listener gets no time for a breather over the four tracks; it’s thirteen minutes of pumping rock.


The reality is, a soft indie record just doesn’t seem to do it for people anymore. Could this be a reflection of the austere times we live in? Or might it simply be that jangly guitars have finally started to grate on the ears of the listening public? – Whatever it is, Bromheads have come up with a sound which perfectly scratches that rock and roll itch which many of us are suffering from. It looks like their upcoming slot at Tramlines will be a raucous one. 


Joe Food

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