Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses Review

Bring Me The Horizon bring nothing short of promise to 2013’s metal scene with 'Shadow Moses', the first cut from their forthcoming album…
The band kept everything very tightly wrapped last year, with only two live performances in the UK – an appearance at the Vans Warped Tour alongside Architects, Lostprophets and Bury Tomorrow, and at their hometown of Sheffield.
'Shadow Moses' is the first track to be unveiled worldwide from BMTH’s massively anticipated 'Sempiternal' and follows the success of their huge studio album, 2010’s “There is a Hell…”
Starting with a beautiful, misleading intro, before listeners are suddenly faced with a curb-stomp of a guitar riff, guaranteed to force new and old fans into some kind of headbanging frenzy, Moses expertly combines BMTH's classic metalcore sound with their own, heavier new-age British metal style.
Following from their previous studio release, the band have carried on using electronic dance-style sounds to accent their music. There's a gleam here that lets their music stand out from the rest of the bands following the genre they are bound to pilot through 2013.
Oli Sykes brings a fresh sounding vocal style to the table, in a very similar way to that of Sam Carter (Architects) on the 2012 release, Daybreaker. The result is a clearer sounding chorus, and a more listenable hook to a track that brings massive hopes for Sempiternal.
Review by Matt Headley of HardNoise. Visit HardNoise's Facebook page here. 

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