Bring it Back!

Just over 100 years ago Sheffield became the home to an Elephant that could play the drum, not only that but a whole host of exotic animals including mice, llamas, camels and no fewer than 100 lions.
Bizarre yes, but true! All the way back at the start of the 20th century, the city became perplexed by the invasion of these strange new animals. They arrived in November of 1910 as a part of The Sheffield Jungle, a travelling menagerie of new found animals and an unashamed freak show of midgets, giants and other unusual sideshows.
Frank C. Bostock brought his ‘Jungle’ to the Sheffield, utilising the open areas created by the clearance of slums in the Crofts area. The Sheffield Jungle set up camp on Hawley Street, off Campo Lane, and stayed for 7 months stunning the residents of the Steel City with his live shows.
Now 100 years on, The National Fairground Archive is about to tell the story of the Sheffield Jungle in a display at the Kelham Island Museum.
We say let’s celebrate Sheffield’s strange and freakish past, it’s about time we had a bit more rumble in our jungle. 

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