Brand Spotlight – Claws out for Grizzy Co

If you've stumbled across my interview last week with Exposed, you'll know I'm incredibly passionate about Sheffield design and style… 
I'm determined to showcase as many of the talented fashionistas this city has to offer as I can, and so with that in mind, the first in the Style City Spotlight series sees me chat to Josh Smith, founder of Grizzly Co.
This organic, sustainably sourced clothing label was born here in Steel City just over a year ago, and is already supplying six boutiques up and down the country, including our very own Inherited Shop on Glossop Road.

It's easy to see the appeal of Grizzly Co products. From the lovable personalities of the trademark bear t-shirts, to the cosy laid back feel of the crew jumpers – the designs are different enough to be eye-catching, but wearable too.
Josh explained a little more, “The sustainability side of it is secondary really. Of course it's really important but Grizzly Co has always been design-led, people can buy into the brand and the ethics without either being overlooked.”

Sheffield has such a great contrast between old and new, whether that's the street style of the locals to the buildings that tower over our heads. Grizzly Co pieces reflect this beautifully, taking a classic style and modernising it with gorgeous illustrations.
So far, Inherited Shop is the only Sheffield stockist, and it seems like it's going to stay that way for a while. Think of it as a shopping destination, per se.
Not only does Josh share the same belief as I do that Sheffield is a boutique haven with a thriving independent culture, his brand is growing by understanding that environmental consideration should come as standard, without taking away from the fit, style and aesthetic appeal to the cloth we wear on our backs.
On that note, rawr.
Ahem. And, lucky treat for you Exposed Fashion Blog readers, if you pop into Inherited Shop and tell them you've read this (and mention "Exposed Grizzly"), you'll be able to get a cheeky 10% off all Grizzly Co stock!


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