Brand Spotlight – A Northern Enterprise With Northern Soul

Today Style City’s spotlight is on  Northern Goods Co.  We love any brands, fashion or otherwise, which definitively state their geographical location, so it was clear we should talk to Mat and Hollie who founded the brand to find out more…


As always, I’m a massive indie fan and this is what the blog is all about – showcasing those retail gems which will mark you, the buyer, out from the crowd.


Coincidentally, Mat is also a blogger too, and you can read his musings on design, fashion and all things creative on his blog –  Buckets & Spades


Hi Mat! Tell us a little about your background…


Myself and Hollie both studied at UCLan (Preston) university on the Fashion Promotion degree course, and before that I studied Fashion design. Hollie is experienced in Photography too so it was a perfect match really!


Where did the idea for Northern Goods Co come from?


I've always loved the idea of making products but it came about when I was showing a design to Hollie and she just said, "I could make that". It went from there really, just trying out different techniques. We have a lot of prototypes knocking about….


So how is it going?


It's going well, we're currently trying to develop and define our products in terms of design, process and colours. We have been running since December and we have just secured our first retailer, Made In These Isles.


What do you think makes the North so special?


I think the background it has in the working industry; most places you visit still have those reminders that the North was a very labour-oriented and working class place. A lot of it is still untouched so you can drive for 10 minutes any direction and be in the countryside. That’s pretty special.



So what’s next for the Northern Goods Co? 


As I mentioned we're looking to define ourselves a little more and expand our range. We're just going to try to get out there, get as many retailers as possible to see our products. We think it's got a lot of potential, as it's practical and well as nice looking. There's nothing throwaway about it, and it’s sustainable too, as all the materials have been sourced by us from the UK and US.


What other Northern brands do you admire?


Around the country we're really inspired by Harrop & Penny, Labour & Wait, Albam, Millican. Mamnick of Sheffield are doing great things and starting to make a lot of noise in the industry.


Thanks Mat! Here at Exposed HQ we love their small but perfectly formed range of accessories – check out the full selection on their Etsy store.




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