Boyle in the Bag – It's the new Snappy Dialogue podcast!

Who are those hollow eyed chaps with the bad scottish accents and pockets full of Police Academy films running away from the security guards at TJ Hughes (to an excellent soundtrack)?   
Why, it's Trainspotting fans (and Showroom Cinema experts) JP and Nigel – here for a brand new Snappy Dialogue podcast!  
Coming at you with all the enthusiasm and poor table manners of an infected, this time we're all about the wonky camera angles, trippy bits in the middle and Underworld songs with a Danny Boyle special – covering the likes of 28 Days Later, Trainspotting, 127 Hours and more!
Also including our brand new feature 'Fading Out Nigel While He Talks About The Alien Movies', it's a great  look at the Queen Mum of British Cinema's greatest hits complete with some v amazing facts from JP, all in celebration of Danny Boyle's latest, Trance.

Danny Boyle's Trance is at The Showroom Sheffield now. Visit the Showroom's website for more info and to book ticks.

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