Booze Free Frolics.

Facing a night out without drinking can sometimes be a bit of a drag.
All your pals are supping something that's been set on fire or has exotic fruit floating in it, and you're on the soda water 'cos that 8am meeting just won't go as well with a raging hangover. Well, fear not, those cocktail movers and shakers over at The Great Gatsby have provided us with tips on their favourite non-alcoholic cocktails and how to make them.
Now, you can go out and have all the fun of cocktails without any of the painful side effects, and probably ramp up a few of your five-a-day. Mega!

Find out more about Road Safety Week and Alcohol Awareness Week on their websites. Both organisations do lots of great work – like supporting a slow down to 20mph around built-up areas, which would reduce accidents as well help the environment – so do have a look round.

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