Blood Sport – Life In Units

Describing themselves as ‘aggro-beat’, Blood Sport’s sound is the bizarre and intriguing love-child of a love of Afro-beat grooves and raw, post-punk energy.


It’s a sound that’s seen them garner a fan base including the likes of Alt-J, Ghostpoet and Wet Nuns amongst others, being dubbed the latter’s ‘favourite Sheffield band’.


The record itself is 34 minutes of trippy, distorted vocals and trance-like beats. A personal highlight is ‘Dolla Make Me Holla’. The most immediate-sounding track on here, crisp and abrupt guitars make it initially sound like an off-kilter pop track, before things get a little weirder and unexpected sounds start raining down from all angles on top of a rapid, dizzy beat as if you’re stuck in the midst of a psychedelic meteor shower. It encapsulates an unfortunately all-too-brief album perfectly, where each track in itself is an absorbing journey contributing towards the mind-bending whole. A must-hear!


LP 8/10


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