Blitz Parade! Public Service Broadcasting In Session

Who's that sweeping overhead with all the buttoned-down panache of a mouchachioed Superman?


Why, it's aeroplane-obsessed, post-war cut-up duo Public Service Broadcasting(!), who've been flying the friendly skies in Sheffield with repeat visits to The Leadmill, DocFest and most recently Tramlines over the last couple of months alone…


If they had air miles in the 1940's they'd be half way to Tiperary by now. And the well-travelled duo, part-way through what appears to be a tour that's been going since our Musical Ed was in short trousers, have prompted our first Exposed In Session field trip! 


Shot in the leafy boho surroundings of Hebden Bridge's Trades Club, we're really chuffed to present two tracks from the pair for August and here's the first. It's 'Spitfire' and you're welcome. 



We couldn't do Exposed In Session without the help of some very chipper and smart people. So it's a tip of the hat (sorry for that outpouring of emotion there) to director and Editor  Mark Bull, photographer Timm Cleasby of The Picture Foundry, Cameraman James Parsons and Sound Engineer Jason Salisbury. You have done us proud, gentlemen. Public Service Broadcasting In Session was produced by Rob Barker and Phil Turner.


Want to find out about the easter eggs on their first album, get J Willgoose Esq's fashion tips and the skinny on their rumoured (by us) calypso funk second album? Do your duty and read our Public Service Broadcasting  interview, forthwith!  



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