Blessa @ Tramlines

Review of Blessa at The Cathedral for Tramlines 2014.


No doubt about it, Sheffield Cathedral is a special venue and this was one of the most unique sounding gigs I've been to in a while. Blessa were the perfect choice to play here – the drums sounded soft, breathy and full, the guitars dreamy, and Olivia Neller's voice reverberated off and around the stone walls, stained glass windows and pillars to create an enveloping, ambient sound. The band played tracks from their brand new EP, Love Is an Evol Word, including ‘Island Minding’ and ‘Unfurl’, with the Cathedral's roomy sound lifting the performance beyond the studio versions. There was even a short cover of the Twin Peaks TV theme leading into ‘Open Fields’ – even the band themselves were grinning, sending a wave of knowing looks through the crowd. 


It was a relaxed atmosphere and perfectly suited the lazy, warm weather outside; the crowd chatted, drank beer and basked in this unique Tramlines moment. The only downside to the set was that perhaps it never really changed gears or tempos, and so some of the songs started to blur together, but Blessa know their sound and they do it extremely well.


The band ended the set with their biggest rocker, ‘Between Times, and received warm applause as they walked off stage to socialise with the crowd. I'm sure Blessa will have added a fair few more to their already growing fanbase tonight.


Words: Joe Allen

Photo Credit: Simon Butler

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