Bird Lovegod – Interventionist Art

Have you done your good deed recently? The eccentrically named “Bird Lovegod” has, and it's all in the name of good art as well.
Striving to make his art engaging and ethical, Sheffield's Bird Lovegod hit upon the idea of staging what he calls “humanitarian interventions”. So far Bird's ethically-driven stunts have included; washing and waxing a parked car, helping someone move into their house, and even handing out free brollies on a rainy day.
To commemorate each act of kindness, Mr.Lovegod publishes them in a series Ltd edition art books. And for those who prefer something even more personal, he also produces a large print version which doubles up as a framed painting!
Whether you’re an art-aficionado or not, watch out next time you're in Sheffield, a little bird may just drop you off a little surprise. For more information go here.

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