Bingo! – A Rebel Yell

In 2009, something dark and disturbing was unleashed in the depths of a church basement by party goers in London.
They shouldn’t have been messing with it and everything went out of control. No, it wasn’t an Ouija board but a bingo set. Underground Rebel Bingo Club was born. If you thought bingo was exclusively for old people, think again!
The club was brought out of the dank inner regions of the church and into the light of the public.
It has graced the likes of Manchester, New York, Leeds and now the debauchery is crawling its way into Sheffield on the 2nd February. The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is all about listening to ear shattering music, winning prizes and partying hard in a way that the authorities and your own mother wouldn’t approve of.
It’s all in a secret location so shhhhh! See for more.

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