Better than BetFred – Napoleons Takeover!

Place yer bets!


Napoleons Casino have conquered the Exposed website. Frankly, it only took a day to decide, hell, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!


Instead of working on the magazine, or putting up exciting web content, or doing anything that could, in fact, be deemed ‘work,’ we’ve turned the office into a mini Casino. Wahey! What better to follow one day off with another day of mincing about.


So, in the spirit of Napoleons Casino, we're taking bets! Stakes are high, and our web team are probably going to cause an office ruckus. 


 How many post-it notes we can stick to our designer Marc's head? Given the current heat and precipitation factors, it’s not looking too good.


How long will it take Sales bod Nick to realise we’ve hidden his favourite Sheffield Wednesday mug in the stationary cupboard? That one could escalate quite quickly.


Either way, you get the idea. We’ll be ripe and ready on our Facebook and Twitter pages, taking your bets and posting hilarious pictures of the consequences.


On top of that, our lucky white rabbit (make of that what you will) is hidden in the Naps website. Find it, drop us a line ,  and you can win a meal for six in Napoleons’ award-winning restaurant, plus £5 in chips for each person. Spend a night with Lady Luck and hope you fare better than the Exposed staffers, who are about as lucky as the Titanic.






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